Initial Situation

A globally-leading company in the segment of implant-supported and restorative dentures sells in its portfolio, among other products, biomaterials such as bone replacement materials, membranes and biologicals. With regards to the thematic areas of hard tissue augmentation, soft tissue management as well as wound-healing, the company now organises a large symposium with the goal of informing their existing customers regarding the latest developments in this segment. The symposium provides the participants with continuing education points, but requires an entry fee


On the customer’s behalf, the Sales Unit contacts the dental practices that have been defined as a target group and presents the biomaterials symposium to them. In this regard, not only the medically-interesting focuses of the event are placed, but rather also the renowned top referrers who conduct the presentations as well as the unique combination of research, product innovations and practical application.

Objections from the dentists, e.g. regarding the attendance fee, are recorded and the advantages of attending the symposium are conversely highlighted–e.g. the related continuing education points and the opportunity to conduct an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas during the collective get-together. If interest in attending is awakened in this manner, the contact persons receive a link to the online registration form for the symposium.

Through the technically-competent and friendly appeal, numerous dentists can be acquired to attend the symposium and the available spots can be completely utilised. The event thus becomes a huge success and contributes to sustainably anchoring the biomaterials as well as their application areas among the dentists attending the symposium.