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In order to convince you, every detail must be right. From the conception of our various services to a perfect technical implementation extending to precise training and a top-class project implementation. We understand your requests. This understanding forms the foundation for the passion with which we work daily for your sales success.


Qualified contacts are the basis for your sales success.

We help you to keep existing databases updated as well as to make new contacts, e.g. from trade fair, convention or webinar participants, web leads or inquiries via your homepage, useful for your sales- and marketing-side activities. Our team qualifies your contacts via telephone or online research with regards to their currentness, completes and updates master data and qualifies potential. Thus, you can deploy your sales resources in a targeted manner there where they are most beneficial for you.

The acquisition of new customers and the sales-oriented contacting of existing customers are elementary for your company’s business success. .

Here, we will contact for you, quickly and directly, the technical and business decision-makers who are searching for your sales, qualify them by need and interest as well as filter out those customers from your address pool to whom a timely visit by your Sales Division would be beneficial. In addition to top-class, direct appointment contacts, we will also generate long-term customer leads with strategic potential worth tracking. Your Sales Division can thus set up more qualified appointments and generate additional sales.

Success is plannable. The intelligent, continuous further development of potential customers is an essential cornerstone for your sustained sales success. lg.

Tailored to the respective status, we support your leads upon an on-going via selected communication channels in a sales-oriented manner and contact them with the right contents at the right time. Current themes can thus be placed in the market quickly and in a targeted manner, decision-making can be supported and leads can be forwarded to your Sales Team at the right time for finalisation purposes. The focus on the most promising leads ensures the optimal usage of your sales resources. In this regard, the optional interconnection to your CRM or the work via an interface offers outstanding possibilities for an even stronger networking with your Sales Division–useful also for an efficient processing of the same customer leads–as well as fast and easy data exchange. Thus, you are always up-to-date.

Who doesn’t wish for a Sales Team which handles the qualification, the lead generation as well as the management of its leads?

To have a wide array of “storylines” processed by a specialised Sales Team–as if it were your own In-House Team. Our Sales Support Team reveals all customer contacts for you in a competent, timely and continuous manner.

Via a potential analysis from our company, you will have your ear to the market.

A thoughtful conception, the deployment of experienced employees as well as close, goal-oriented project monitoring will bring you positive customer communication, high participation rates as well as valid results–so that you always have the right focus.

Via a Sales Unit prescriber dialogue, you will increase the prescription frequency of your RX / OTX preparations as well as prescribable medicinal products.

Our experienced Healthcare Team that has been trained in accordance with §75 AMG will discuss your products with unsupported practices or as a tandem in alternation with your Field Staff. Thus, we would be glad to support you on, among others, product launches, the sustained placement of new studies, guidelines, dosage forms or indications as well as during the discussion of already-established preparations. Moreover, we will collect for you important potential-related data which you can ideally use for the purpose of the segmentation of your target groups and additional targeted market canvassing.

Also in this case as well, the optional interconnection to your CRM or the work via an interface offers wonderful possibilities for an even stronger networking with your Sales Division–useful also for an efficient processing of the same customer leads–as well as fast and easy data exchange.

Regardless of whether it encompasses OTC, OTX or medicinal products, we will help you to increase your referral rates via the Green and/or Blue Prescription.

Within the parameters of our referrer dialogues, you will utilise the technical competence and the strong foundation of trust of physicians, pharmacies and other specialised medical groups in order to place your products directly with the consumer target groups with the most potential. Our experienced Healthcare Team will, in a targeted manner, discuss your product messages, anchor advantages and benefits and generate valuable market data in order to coordinate your future market canvassing. Embedded in a long-term project conception, you will permanently acquire satisfied customers and excellent brand placement without a direct advertising character.

Also in this case as well, the optional interconnection to your CRM or the work via an interface offer excellent possibilities for an even stronger networking with your Sales Division–useful also for an efficient processing of the same customer leads–as well as fast and easy data exchange.

These days, numerous medical indications are (pre-)diagnosed by other physicians rather than treated–and oftentimes the subsequent therapy is also already decisively influenced by this upstream authority.

We bring you together with these referring physicians for a dialogue. Thus, you can increase the awareness for certain medical indications, competently provide information about modern therapies and steer the referral of patients to the right offices.

A positive company development always has an influence on internal processes.

With an increasing number of offers to be tracked, the Sales Division is being increasingly integrated into their follow-up work which increasingly commits sales resources to administrative duties. Our experienced team will handle the professional offer tracking for you. Thus, you will provide your specialised employees once again with the necessary flexibility in order to vigorously canvas your markets and generate high success rates from your sales activities.

In certain markets, the telephone-based direct sales are offered for the short-term generation of additional sales or as a strategic tool for permanent market canvassing.

Individual project conceptions and the top-class salesmanship of our experienced team will, in conjunction with efficient project monitoring, ensure you top-class sales deals and excellent success rates.

Our Healthcare Industry Team ensures positive customer communication as well as the required market coverage if your Field Staff is temporarily understaffed.

Thus, your valuable customers continue to be supported in a competent and sales-oriented manner and you are given sufficient time for forming your Sales Team anew.

You invest your valuable budget in the organisation and implementation of events, conventions, trade fair appearances or roadshows.

With us, you ensure that this budget can also have optimal effectiveness. We will successfully invite your existing or potential customers to your events and will also track any invitations that have already been sent. We would be glad to also moderate your registration process in a friendly and competent manner.

Your customers are your most valuable capital. We will help you ensure that they remain your customers.

With functioning concepts for the reactivation of “sleeping accounts”, we will bring new life into your sales process. We will ensure that buyers become repeat buyers. In your private customer base (statutory medical insurance & private medical insurance) as well, we can support you through care callings in a targeted manner and thus, for example, reinvigorate waning business relationships or reacquire potential terminating customers for you.

The relationship between me and the project managers is very relaxed. If there is an issue to address, we talk about it openly. My questions are always welcome, and if we have ideas, we are always allowed to introduce them.

Alexandros M., Call Agent

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