Companies are constantly challenged to make economically sound decisions. As a telemarketing service provider, our expenses for electricity play a significant part in that decision-making since we depend on a high degree of IT networking. Nevertheless, we have decided to switch completely to green electricity.

Numerous scientific studies consider the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to be a decisive factor in climate change, which promotes extreme weather events. Reducing the atmospheric CO2 content is therefore on the agenda of the Federal Republic of Germany – and we think we should do our part.

By switching to green electricity, we have been able to save 11.9 tons of CO2 since 2019 compared to electricity from conventional sources. In 2020 alone, our savings amounted to 6.6 tons of CO2. Our electricity mix is made up of 60% renewable energies that are subsidized under the Renewable Energy Sources Act and 40% non-subsidized renewable energies. This means that we make 100% of our calls using green electricity – and we have taken a number of other steps to operate sustainably and further reduce our energy consumption.

We are acting today for the future. What are you doing?


Best regards from the Mannheim squares
Stefan Schley


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