For years, our experienced industry team has supported companies in the healthcare industry during the sale of medical products and solutions. Solid technical know-how and the required tact in dealing with demanding and strongly-courted target groups will bring you the decisive competitive advantage.


By means of our experienced team that has been trained in accordance with §75 AMG, we will help you to obtain more clout in the market.

For you, we will discuss preparations in all indication areas with general practitioners as well as specialised physicians in the clinical and resident areas. Regardless of whether it entails a fast market launch or the placement of indication extensions, the generation of higher prescription figures for already-established preparations, the parallel supporting of your Field Staff–including with A- or B- customers, the expanded market canvassing of unsupported medical practices or in vacant areas: With us, you will always have competent and positive representation in the market.

Our Healthcare Team will support you professionally during the sale of your prescription-free pharmaceuticals.

Through the competent discussion of your preparations with the referring general practitioners, specialised physicians as well as additional specialised medical groups, we will help you to sustainably increase your recommendation rates via Green and/or Blue Prescription. The telephone-based direct sales to pharmacies also constitutes a way by means of which you–even without a large pharmacy Field Staff–can be successfully represented in the shop windows and on the shelves.

The telephone-based placement of complex medical technology is our specialty.

From investment products such as high-end ultrasound systems and digital volume tomographs to small devices for measuring blood glucose or for homecare respiration, we are your dialogue channel to both clinical as well as also resident physicians. Our dialogue with physicians at eye-level will be the foundation for your success.

Your medical products deserve the best-possible marketing.

Our trained medical product consultants will place them for you directly with users, prescribers and referrers. From solutions for modern wound treatment and vacuum therapy to liquid nutrition to supportive care in oncology to care creams in order to alleviate neuro-dermatitis symptoms among small children–we will convey your messages directly to your most valuable customers flexibly and successfully.

The complexity of modern laboratory systems makes them a challenge for each Sales Division.

We will embrace this challenge–both in the medical diagnostics segment as well as also the research and life science segment. From pipetting robots for the laboratory automation to flow cytometers and centrifuges to triage systems, we will present your brands with profound technical expertise to your potential target customers and convince particularly decision-makers with a technical background of the advantages of your solutions.

As one of the most direct contact channels to your policyholders, the telephone offers the advantage of the greatest-possible flexibility.

With our Healthcare Industry Team, we will increase the registrations of chronically-ill patients in your DMPs, efficiently prevent deregistrations, ensure a higher level of awareness of your health offerings and present your customers with additional products such as supplemental dental insurance coverage. Our care calls measure not just customer satisfaction–they increase it sustainably.

As a dialogue channel directly with your policyholders, through care calls, we ensure positive customer communication.

Regardless of whether it encompasses projects for targeted scheduling and route planning, the retention of terminating policyholders or tracking offers, we will substantially increase the efficiency of your Sales Team. For you, we will gladly also acquire companies for a partnership with you as insurers. We will find interested contact persons for company-related concepts and services offered by your company such as group medical insurance plans, campaigns in accordance with the German Prevention Act or from the segment of company old-age pensions.


Services on the Healthcare Industry Side

Companies in the healthcare industry have the highest standards for sales communication. Thanks to our strong specialisation, we are “right at home” during the dialogue–regardless of whether the dialogue is conducted with a medical practice, a clinic, a pharmacy, a laboratory or other target groups in the health market.

Integration into Your Sales Processes

Discussions like from Your Own Company–Integrated, Competent & Authentic

Our language and technical competences as well as the experience in integrating ourselves into your sales and technical processes are the guarantees for success that our communication is being done like from your own company. At each level of the sales funnel, we find the right entry point for effectively supporting you during your sales process.


A Clear Process for a Successful Project Implementation

Beginning with your initial visit to our company, we discuss your visions and goals and show you exciting possibilities for a successful project design. Our project implementation process, which has proven itself and continued to be optimised throughout the years, perfectly integrates your requests, ideas and competences. In conjunction with our experience obtained from fulfilling countless comparable tasks in your target group, the basis is thus created for the best-possible project implementation–and a sustainably-successful cooperation.

I’ve had to look far and wide to find the kind of employment I can use my previous working experience in a productive way. Here at Sales Unit, I consult medical practitioners on the use of pharmaceutical products and learn something new every day.

Nuria S., Call Agent

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