Companies from the most diverse industry segments have been successfully using our competences for years.

Our long-term telemarketing experience in the sale of complex investment products and services requiring extensive explanations will help you to obtain the decisive competitive advantage. Individual project conceptions, in conjunction with our industry-experienced communication specialists, form the key to your sales success.


If technical expertise is combined with sales competence, challenging themes can also be marketed by telephone.

From the flexibly-deployable rotary indexing table to actuators to ultrasound injection systems for process technology, we will place your solutions with the relevant technical decision-makers and thus provide your Sales Division with valuable potential contacts and market information.

Your devices and apparatuses are unique in their functionality, your components power international high technology:

We will position your portfolio quickly and successfully in your target markets–regardless of whether it encompasses a high-end microscope, a finely-tuned vacuum pump or an environmental simulator. We will find the decisive contact persons in your target groups for you and open up the door for your acquisition for you.

Sales dialogues, as sensitive as your technology: We are your sensor for customer requirements and customer potential.

Regardless of whether it encompasses Industrial weighing technology or metres, a thermal imaging solution for deployment in electrical power network reliability or hand-held spectrometers for metal-recycling–our concepts are as diverse as your applications. Complex themes are our specialty, clear results our contribution to your sales success.

Highly-modern production methods require customised solutions.

Our concepts for the automation industry are likewise customised to the requirements of the manufacturers of industrial robots, worm gearboxes or linear actuators. We will bring your markets with top-class sales telephony into motion and place you as a solution provider firmly in the awareness of your target markets.

The appeal of skilled trade-oriented companies requires straightforward communication as well as technical know-how at the same time.

We unite both and thus successfully place systems for access control, lifts, building automation solutions or the most modern heating and thermal technology. Our services will bring you directly into contact with installers, planners and operators.


Industry Services from the Sector Side

Your customers expect clarity during the sales dialogue and competence during the presentation of your solutions. We individually address the detailed advantages of your products and services during the dialogue and qualify the needs and potential of your contact persons–until right before the sale is concluded.

Integration into Your Sales Processes

Conversations like from Your Home–Integrated, Competent & Authentic

Our language and technical competences as well as the experience of integrating ourselves into your sales and technical processes are the guarantees for success that our communication is done like from your home. At each level of the sales funnel, we will find the right entry point in order to effectively support you in your sales process.


A Clear Process for Successful Project Implementation

Beginning with your first visit to our company, we discuss your visions and goals and show you exciting possibilities for a successful project design. Our project implementation process, which has proven itself and continued to be optimised throughout the years, perfectly integrates your requests, ideas and competences. In conjunction with our experience obtained from fulfilling countless comparable tasks in your target group, the basis is thus created for the best-possible project implementation–and sustainable successful cooperation.

I’ve never found the sort of team spirit we have here elsewhere. I really like this place – in here, we’re friends who even enjoy spending time together after work.

Manuel B., Call Agent

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