Would you like to relieve your office staff or customer service staff of time-consuming routine tasks? We are experienced in taking over complete work processes and first level tasks – even directly in your CRM or ERP systema. This allows your team to spend their valuable time where it is needed most.


Qualified contacts are the basis for your sales success.

We help you to keep existing data up to date and to make new contacts, usable for your sales and marketing activities, e.g. from visitors to your homepage, from surveys, from participants at trade fairs, congresses or webinars, or from telephone inquiries. Our team qualifies your contacts by phone or online research regarding their validity, completes and updates master data, identifies decision makers and qualifies potentials. If requested directly in your CRM or ERP system. This means you are always up to date – and can deploy your sales resources in a targeted manner where they are most profitable for you.

A live chat function on your homepage offers your customers the possibility of direct and personal support.

Our experienced Inside Sales Service Team helps them the search for information, answers questions and forwards interesting contacts directly to your sales team for further processing. 

If the capacities of your internal sales team reach their limits, we can relieve you by taking over certain activities.

These include, for example, entering changes to customer data or manually inputting orders or customer accounts in your CRM or ERP system. By taking over such first level tasks, we give you the necessary freedom for other work.

Positive corporate development always has an impact on internal processes.

With an increasing number of quotations written, the sales department is increasingly involved in their follow-up, which ties up more and more sales resources in administrative activities. Our experienced team takes over the professional quotation follow-up for you. In this way, you give your specialists the necessary freedom to work your markets efficiently and generate high success rates from your sales activities.

The relationship between me and the project managers is very relaxed. If there is an issue to address, we talk about it openly. My questions are always welcome, and if we have ideas, we are always allowed to introduce them.

Alexandros M., Call Agent

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