Structured Lead Management for Your Sustained Success

The communication and sales competence of our industry team–in conjunction with proven, multi-level communication concepts–ensures a systematic qualification of your database. Depending on their respective potential, your contacts are continuously supported in a sales-oriented manner and–for example, in the case of lead generation concepts–forwarded at the right time to your Field Staff. Thus, your Field Staff can thus concentrate on the most promising leads and this approach thus guarantees the optimal usage of your sales resources.

A Clear Process for a Successful Project Implementation

Beginning with your first visit to our company, we discuss your visions and goals and show you exciting possibilities for a successful project design. Our project implementation process, which has proven itself and continued to be optimised throughout the years, perfectly combines your requests, ideas and competences. In conjunction with our experience from fulfilling countless comparable tasks in your target group, the basis is thus created for the best-possible project implementation–and a sustainably-successful cooperation.

Individual, Industry-Specific Solutions for Your Sales Success

At our company, the focus is on you. On your requirements, requests and goals. We work upon a daily basis in order to offer you the service which fulfils your high standards. We would like to captivate you–with an outstanding service experience which you can enjoy, which convinces and enriches you. And we know that this is not easy.

Your Insights into Our Project World

Here at Sales Unit, I call business professionals all around the world in my native language. It’s a great feeling to be able to contribute your skills like this and your personal background is one of your most important assets.

Gemma M. d. R., Call Agent