Initial Situation

One of the most prominent providers of electrical, hydraulic and hybrid drive solutions serves a very broad, heterogeneous market environment with its portfolio. Based upon this situation, in past years, numerous contacts have been obtained which, despite the submission of offers, have not been able to be directly acquired as customers. The provider would now like to once again appeal to these contact companies in Germany, France and Spain–particularly with regards to its service offerings.


The Sales Unit develops a telephone-based campaign in order to activate the existing lost customers whereby this campaign places a strong focus on a detailed analysis of the requirements for service offerings. All telephone calls are conducted by native speakers in their respective national language. During the personal telephone call with Maintenance Managers, Production Managers and Operational Managers, the current situation at the companies is analysed and targeted consulting is rendered regarding the relevant services. In addition, questions are posed regarding the currently-existing device and service situation.

The leads created in this manner are broken down into two categories: Contacts with immediate potential, requirements and interest are forwarded to the Field Staff as appointment leads and personally contacted by the manufacturer over the course of the following days. Contacts with potential, but who are then only anticipated to have a need in the future, are documented in a telephone call database and then forwarded to the provider at the project’s end.

During the course of the project, the potential of numerous contacts can be determined and appointment leads can be generated. Thanks to these direct opportunities as well as the supplementally-filled medium-term sales pipeline, the provider has once again very good, direct access to its lost customers and can fully exhaust their potential.