Initial Situation

A medical technology manufacturer with U.S. roots is known in the European market for its life-saving and life-sustaining medicine. This also includes a system for the temperature management through the invasive regulation of the patient’s blood temperature. The methodology is comparatively new and not yet widely disseminated–particularly in the clinical intensive care units.


In order to better place its solution for invasive temperature management in the clinical market, the company has the Sales Unit conceive a project for the telephone-based contacting of the competent physicians in the intensive care units.

When contacting these physicians, the possibilities of the systems are presented and the advantages of the invasive temperature management are placed in comparison with the classical methods. In addition, the Sales Unit Team determines the level of interest in an investment that exists in his division for each contact person and clarifies the requirement through targeted querying. For contact persons with potential and interest, it is endeavoured to directly set up an appointment and/or a call-back for the manufacturer’s Field Staff in order to generate qualified demo appointments as promptly as possible.

Alternatively, interested physicians can also receive written informational materials regarding the systems which support them during their decision-making. The recipients of these informational materials are contacted a second time by telephone in order to answer questions about the systems as well as handle any complaints that are made.

In this way, both the theme of “invasive temperature management” is initially placed in the market comprehensively as well as also top-class sales appointments are generated for the corresponding system by means of which the manufacturer can sustainably increase its sales in this product segment which is new for Europe.