Initial Situation

One of the globally-leading manufacturers of diagnostic tools and test assays offers in its portfolio, among other things, two versatilely-deployable systems for the flow cytometry. In the past, these systems were marketed above all in the medical-diagnostic segment. In the meantime, the systems have been adapted by the manufacturer, but also for life science laboratories, e.g. for applications during the analysis and sorting. Currently, sales leads are lacking in the corresponding life science target groups. The project is supposed to be controlled via a contact person, but also implemented in not just Germany, but also upon a parallel basis in France, England, Spain and Italy.


The Sales Unit develops a concept for the implementation of the sphere of tasks and, for this purpose, sets up, among others, a team of foreign language-speaking employees experienced in the life science-related, telephone-based contacting. Subsequently, the selected life science laboratories are contacted by telephone and the technically-competent Laboratory Managers for investment decision-making and/or the Core Facility Managers are identified. During the course of a brief analysis of potential, the requirements of the laboratories for flow cytometry solutions are determined as well as important market data regarding, among others, for example, the lasers currently being used are ascertained.

In the subsequent technical dialogue, the Sales Unit Team places the advantages of the new systems–particularly with regards to the requirements situation specified by the contact persons and can thus “score points” directly from the technical side. With the detailed information regarding the technical data of the systems and the application areas, the laboratory researchers can be effectively addressed at eye-level and thus be made enthusiastic about the new solutions. If immediate investment potential exists, it is endeavoured to set up appointments for the Field Staff. If this is not the case, interested contacts are entered into the manufacturer’s CRM system in order to be able to once again contact them in a targeted manner at a later point in time.

Thanks to the technically-competent and sales-oriented contacting, numerous on-site meetings can be generated for both flow cytometers that have been placed. The additionally-qualified contacts help the manufacturer to set up a medium-term sales pipeline for its systems and thus to also sustainably increase its market shares in this product segment.