Initial Situation

A subsidiary of a global technology group offers, among other things, ultrasound systems with extensive dissemination in the clinical market. In the future, the company would also like to acquire resident medical practices as customers and, in this regard, place both ultrasound systems for daily usage from a lower-price segment as well as also, in the case of designated specialised physician groups, the latest generation of their systems. However, comprehensive acquisition by the Sales Field Staff is not possible owing to the budget requirements.


The Sales Unit conceives a two-part campaign which focuses on both resident general practitioners for the low-end systems as well as also resident urologists with various specialisations for the current product generation. The practices are contacted by telephone, requirements and potential are determined and finally, based upon the requirements, the respectively suitable ultrasound systems are placed with a focus on the implementable applications and billing options.

For contact persons with potential and interest, an appointment is directly set up for the manufacturer’s Field Staff and/or a call-back to schedule an appointment by the Field Staff in order to conclude a sales transaction as soon as possible.

Alternatively, interested physicians can also receive written informational materials regarding the systems which support them during their decision-making. As required, after the informational materials are sent, the Sales Unit’s Healthcare Team makes a second telephone call in order to answer the typical questions about the devices as well as respond to any objections which may be keeping the physician from making an investment.

In this way, the market of the resident practices is quickly developed and the provider’s Sales Field Staff which actually specialises in hospitals is supplied with top-class appointments by means of which it can conclude numerous sales transactions both in the lower-price as well as the high-end segments.