Initial Situation

A globally-leading company in the segment of implant-supported and restorative dentures sells in its portfolio, among other things, biomaterials such as bone replacement materials, membranes and biologicals. This also includes a gel with enamel matrix proteins which can be sensibly used for soft tissue healing after oral surgical procedures as well as after dental implantations. Despite promotional mailings being sent out upon a regular basis, the orders by the existing customers are substantially below the sales expectations.


The Sales Unit develops a telesales concept based upon the framework parameters in order to push the gel’s sales. During the course of a nine-week follow-up campaign, the company’s existing dental practice customers are contacted by telephone throughout Germany and the theme of “regeneration and repair” is discussed. Building on this theme, they are reminded of the company’s last mailing with a focus on the great benefit of the enamel matrix protein gel both during paradontological as well as also implantological procedures. In this regard, the currently-running offer is placed in order to thus be able to conclude a direct sales transaction.

Interested dentists who no longer have the mailing at their disposal receive it sent to them once again via e-mail directly after the telephone call. Several days after it is sent, these customers are contacted again by telephone in order to once again place the product and its advantages and to endeavour to obtain a sales transaction.

The competent and sales-focussed sales dialogue conducted by the Sales Unit’s Healthcare Team results in numerous additional sales transactions and ensures sustainable sales development of the enamel matrix protein gel. The attained success of the campaign convinces the company to also have the Sales Unit place other biomaterials and even their implant systems requiring extensive explanations by telephone during the continued close cooperation.