Initial situation
A service provider for industrial doors, dock levellers, fire doors and gates is a partner of numerous well-known companies. Thanks to its cross-manufacturer approach, it can operate almost anywhere and, with a nationwide 24/7 hotline, is particularly committed to personal service. Every week, at least 100 quotations for repair orders are requested via this channel, which significantly exceed the service provider’s follow-up capacities. As a result, 500 of these quotations from the past are still open.

SALES UNIT sets up a team for the follow-up on these quotations, which on the one hand should clear out the existing backlog and on the other hand should guarantee a fast follow-up for the newly issued quotations. For this purpose, three members of the team are deployed in the first step, working at an increased pace to contact the recipients of the quotations and to qualify the current decision status of the respective repair orders. Rejections and acceptances are immediately documented in the service provider’s ERP system; if offers remain open, an internal resubmission is
set and the quotation is again included in the follow-up. Once the 500 backlog quotations have been processed, SALES UNIT’s team is reduced and – depending on the number of new quotations send out each week – one or two employees continue to work in the same activity. In addition, these employees also take care of re-qualifying missing data in the CRM (direct dialing of contact persons, position designations, etc.) and – where possible – motivating the decision-makers to register on the service provider’s newsletter portal in order to facilitate the future active support of these potential customers. Over the course of a year, nearly 6,000 quotations can be followed up on and the order rate from these quotations is nearly doubled.