Initial situation
A leading specialist for drive and control technology in production machines meets the needs of its markets very precisely with its portfolio, especially in the segment of autonomous and semi-autonomous machines. The strong growth in the level of automation in this industry leads to numerous inquiries of interest via contact forms on the website, e-mails, but also incoming calls. The specialist’s office staff is clearly overwhelmed with responding to these inquiries in a timely manner.

SALES UNIT sets up an inside sales team whose main task is to act as a contact point for incoming inquiries – both by telephone and online – and thus relieve the company’s office staff of the task of selecting contacts worth pursuing. The goal is both a good reachability on the phone and an response time for incoming email inquiries no more than 30 minutes. All inquiries are qualified by the team and then entered directly into the customer’s CRM. If there is sufficient potential, this leads to immediate follow-up of the contact by sales or marketing. For some of the incoming contacts, some standardized information material per email is sufficient as a response and thus managed directly by SALES UNIT’s team, freeing up office staff. In order to make optimum use of the working time of the team, one additional task is given to them: searching for new contact persons of suitable target companies (e.g. in the social media) and contacting them by telephone in order to present the specialist’s solutions there. The aim of these telephone calls is to generate further leads among interested decision-makers with potential. In this way, the customer’s sales and office staff are relieved of the burden of pursuing unqualified leads, and at the same time his lead pipeline is filled with valuable new contacts.