Initial situation
One of the leading manufacturers of medical technology is best known for his products in the fields of cardiology, emergency medicine and home healthcare. Its ultrasound imaging solutions are valued worldwide by physicians for their high quality and reliability. As part of the market launch of a new generation of systems, an inbound hotline is now to be offered. This will give physicians the opportunity to obtain further information on the systems quickly and directly or to request a demo.

SALES UNIT sets up a specialized service hotline, preparing a telephone contact point for incoming inquiries and thus relieving the company’s inside sales team in the selection of contacts worth pursuing. Incoming phone calls are qualified (information request, demo request, sales contact request) and then entered directly into the customer’s CRM. Depending on the potential of the contact, SALES UNIT’s team can send out further information material, trigger preparations for an on-site demonstration of the new ultrasound systems forward the request to the responsible sales representative for the region of the caller. In order to make best use of their working time, the team also processes
e-mail inquiries. The goal is to answer incoming e-mails within 30 minutes and to document all resulting activities and action prompts directly in the customer’s CRM system. In this way, the manufacturer’s inside sales team and sales reps are both relieved of the burden of following up on unqualified leads while at the same time, the lead pipeline is filled with valuable new contacts.