Initial Situation

A globally-leading insurer offers, among others, services in the area of company medical insurance schemes which offer companies an excellent opportunity to create long-term loyalty among their best employees while simultaneously reducing illness-related work absences. Within the parameters of the overall portfolio, these insurance products have played a rather small role in the past, but this role is nonetheless supposed to be strategically expanded in a targeted manner.


In order to provide the Sales Division with direct leads for the theme of company medical insurance schemes, the Healthcare Team of the Sales Unit contacts potential new customers from the high-end medium-sized business segment. During the initial contacting, it is determined who is primarily responsible upon the potential customer’s side for the theme in order to then place the services offered by the insurer with these decision-makers during the second step. The focus is on the advantages offered by the company medical insurance scheme providers for employers and employees and, in this regard, particularly on increasing productivity by reducing illness-related work absences.

After the telephone call, interested contact persons then receive written informational materials regarding the products and are once again called some days after these informational materials are sent in order to conduct an in-depth conversation, answer questions and to work towards attaining a positive decision.

Through the factual, advantage-oriented sales pitches, the Sales Unit succeeds, over the course of four months, in generating numerous top-class appointments for the insurer’s Sales Field Staff. In addition, a large section of the potential overall market is entered into a lead database and can thus be used over the medium term for additional sales activities.