Initial Situation

A globally-operating manufacturer of industrial robots and automated production solutions is among the most prominent names in its market segment. The manufacturer plans to continuously support its existing customers in the future and, in this regard, to also place a higher priority on its maintenance and other services. As the first step, the focus is supposed to be placed on the enhancement of the customer data and the respective robot inventories are supposed to be determined.


The Sales Unit conceives a campaign for the purpose of telephone-based lead generation among industrial end consumers in Germany and Austria which utilise the company’s robots and have had no maintenance or service agreement in the past. In this regard, the potential and requirements of the respective Technical Managers for Production and Maintenance are qualified during discussions with them.

After the telephone calls, interested contact persons receive a detailed questionnaire via e-mail in which information is requested regarding the robots being used and their serial numbers. In this manner, the manufacturer can then create a service and maintenance offering that is customised to the individual customer and, as required, do follow-up with its own Field Staff.

Through the sales- and service-oriented contacting approach, a large percentage of the customers can be required for the manufacturer’s maintenance and other services. In addition to the additional turnover thus generated, the customer loyalty is also sustainably increased through the new contractual agreements.