Initial situation
A leading global manufacturer of diaphragm metering pumps, process pumps and the accompanying metering systems and equipment has not only focused on providing high-quality products for numerous applications
but also offers a complete service portfolio for its solutions. In order to use as many contact points as possible for direct exchange with customers and interested parties, the manufacturer also wants to set up a live chat on its website and actively use it to approach online visitors.

SALES UNIT trains employees in the operation of a live chat client and creates an action tree for addressing visitors to the website that is based on their behavior. For example, if a visitor remains on one subpage for a longer period of time, the employee writes to them via live chat and offers assistance in finding information or getting answers to more complex questions. For topics that go beyond first level, the employee in the chat can also directly establish contact with a responsible contact person of the company and, for example, submit a telephone number or e-mail address.
If visitors make specific inquiries about certain products and solutions from the company, the chat employee will also ask them what the solution in question is needed for. If there is an immediate potential, the visitor is offered direct contact with the account manager responsible for him. The chat employee then documents this contact in the company’s CRM system. In this way, sales potential from the website visits is optimally exploited and every possible lead is comprehensively recorded. Satisfaction with the company’s customer service increases as a result of the personal support, which has an additional positive impact on the brand image. With a total of 160 working hours per month, the time required for this additional element of customer care is kept within a very manageable framework.