Initial Situation

A globally-operating manufacturer of industrial robots and automated production solutions with a German parent company is among the most well-known names in its market segment. The current goal is to initially do sales development work in the Italian market. Because the individual potential of the respective companies there is still unclear, the specialised sales are supposed to be supported by an upstream acquisition tool.


The Sales Unit conceives a project for the purposes of market qualification and lead generation and, in so doing, forms a small, dynamic team of native Italian speakers. During the first step of the project, the telephone-based contacting is done with the decision-makers at the production companies in the target market in order to directly place the robot manufacturer and its current industry solutions in the personal conversation. During the course of the call, the potential of the decision-makers is qualified based upon their requirements and their level of interest.

Contact persons, who are identified to have potential, can make a request during the call to set up a visit from the manufacturer’s Sales employee or request a call-back as well as order the current newsletters. For the sending and the continued exchange of information, an e-mail address is obtained directly during the conversation with the decision-makers whereby confirmation is then made via a double opt-in procedure.

In this way, within 12 weeks, the manufacturer obtains a database of more than 1,600 Italian industrial companies with comprehensive information about their requirements and their level of interest as well as direct sales leads to the contacts with the most potential. Through this database, the manufacturer successfully attains market development.