Initial Situation

A leading manufacturer of measurement technology devices expanded its portfolio some time ago to add the functional monitoring of pipeline networks. In this regard, the solution is based upon the manufacturer’s thermal imaging camera which can be used to quickly and reliably localise and diagnose malfunctions that arise. By so doing, for the first time, industries such as the utility, food/beverage and chemical industries become interesting in a larger scope for the manufacturer.


The Sales Unit forms a team for the sales support in order to more precisely qualify the industries and to select the most interesting contacts as well as to actively promote a wide array of marketing channels from the sales side. In addition to the classical active acquisition in order to supply the Field Staff with appointment leads, conversely follow-up work is also done for incoming leads from online channels, potential partner companies are contacted and preparatory work is done for trade fairs.

Qualified leads created from these activities are broken down into two categories: Contacts with immediate potential, requirements and level of interest are forwarded to the Field Staff as appointment leads and personally visited by the manufacturer. Contacts with potential, but still an unclear need continue to be supported by the Sales Unit and are invited, for example, to the manufacturer’s webinars which are held later.

The comprehensive sales support activities provide the manufacturer’s Sales Division with valuable new customer opportunities and alleviate its workload so that it can concentrate on its core work activities. Upon the basis of the project team’s experiences, the next theme–power grid quality is also integrated into the support.