Initial Situation

The medical technology subsidiary of an international Group has a worldwide presence as a provider of products and services for transfusion services and clinical laboratories. The portfolio also includes blood glucose measuring devices and blood glucose test strips for the purpose of self-controlling by diabetics. The initially-targeted diabetologist practices are typically comprehensively supported by a Sales Field Staff. The size structure of the Field Staff is an important factor why some of the employees are constantly not deployable for shorter or longer timeframes. Thus, vacancies in the supporting of those medical practices are created which, owing to their potential, actually should be very closely supported.


The Sales Unit assumes the unsupported Field Staff work duties within the parameters of telephone-based vacancy support. In a direct telephone call with the contact persons–oftentimes not the physicians themselves, but rather the diabetes assistants or a laboratory nurse, information is obtained regarding the loss of the competent Field Staff employee as well as the temporary telephone-based support is placed. During the course of the telephone call, it is determined, among other things, which blood glucose measuring systems are currently being used and/or recommended as well as what the reasons are for this decision (e.g. the exclusive usage of B-price devices). Where possible, potential solutions are recommended; in addition, the contact persons have the option of ordering measuring devices to be provided to the patients. Technical questions, e.g. regarding the new ISO standard for blood glucose measuring devices or the Anti-Corruption Act, are answered in a customer-oriented and technically-competent manner.

Through this positive support, the regions can subsequently be seamlessly handled during the follow-up work by returning or newly-hired Field Staff employees. The most current information about the situation at the medical practices that is then provided helps tremendously during the (renewed) entry. Thus, the provider’s sales figures can be stabilised at the same constantly-high level–particularly with regards to its blood glucose test strips–and losses on the Field Staff team can be optimally cushioned.