Initial Situation

One of the world’s largest pharma companies offers a highly-effective biological preparation for treating psoriasis and psoriasis arthritica. The company uses this preparation to compete with providers of traditional psoriasis medications. Its own Field Staff employees are available only for the purpose of supporting the identified high-potential practices.


The Sales Unit develops an annual concept for the dialogue and for the continued supporting of the targeted dermatological practices. In three waves allocated throughout the entire year, the physicians are personally contacted by telephone and advised regarding the biological preparation, its advantages and its delimitation from traditional therapies. In addition, the physician’s affinity towards the usage of biological preparations is generally determined in order to advise those physicians, who would like to use no biological preparations in the psoriasis therapy, regarding a referral of their patients to a specialist.

The goal of the dialogue is to comprehensively inform the physician and convey to him a trustful basis for his prescription through this technical support regarding the preparation.  Interested physicians receive extensive written information as well as offers for continuing education on the theme.

During the additional project waves, the prescriber dialogue is commenced anew. In so doing, the technical discussion and the experiences of the physicians when issuing prescriptions are deepened and thus developed based upon the trustful relationship that has been created. In addition, the target group is expanded by selected general practitioners who regularly refer psoriasis patients to medical specialists. In this case, particularly the networking to the dermatologists already working with biological preparations is intensified and thus the referral rate to the most innovative practices is increased.

In this manner, the pharma company receives comprehensive market coverage for its preparation and can successfully and sustainably increase its sales at a fraction of the budget incurred for full Field Staff support.