Initial Situation

An international manufacturer of liquid and specialised nutritional products offers, among others, milk replacement nutritional products for babies and small children with cow’s milk allergies. In contrast to typical market competitors, the products are exclusive to pharmacies and prescribable. Thus, the manufacturer is searching for a way to acquire more resident paediatricians as prescribers.


The Sales Unit develops a long-term multi-channel campaign for the dialogue with the paediatricians running upon a parallel basis to the Field Staff support. The main focus is on the awareness for the theme of “cow milk allergy” in and of itself which is discussed in detail with the physician by telephone and he is queried in his role as the medical practitioner regarding his own experiences with the theme–particularly regarding the often-unspecific symptoms such as the apparently-inexplicable colics. During the course of the telephone call, the paediatrician is informed of the diagnostic option of providing mothers with test packages of the hypo-allergenic milk replacement nutrition and thus to check whether the cause of the symptoms being experienced by small children is indeed substantiated by a cow’s milk allergy.

All results of the telephone conversations conducted with the medical practices–including also the requirements for diagnostic sets–are transferred by the Sales Unit via a specially-programmed IT interface directly into the manufacturer’s CRM and thus can be promptly scheduled into the sales support for the target group. Conversely, the team is always kept updated by the Sales Unit with regards to the Field Staff’s supporting of the target group upon a parallel basis. Thus, the dates and the contents of the following telephone-based contact points can be optimally coordinated for each supported practice.

The comprehensive and coordinated contacting of the paediatric practices provides an increasing number of prescriptions and thus results in higher sales for the aforementioned milk replacement nutritional products. The project’s success results in the expansion of the cooperation to additional products and thematic fields, e.g. for high-energy, balanced liquid nutritional products for treating failure to thrive or for the supplemental therapy for oncological patients.